Our team consists of highly qualified, attentive and reliable people.

We use the latest technologies to provide software development services. Our developers build custom software for startups and large companies. We try our best to provide you with top pieces of software.


How We Work?



FlagAnalysis and requirements collection.

FlagProject evaluation, technical specifications development.

FlagCosts and terms calculation.



FlagMVP development.

FlagProject architecture development.

FlagFunctionality development.



FlagInternal and external testing.

FlagResolving bugs and cosmetics.

FlagProject launch.



FlagTechnical support.

FlagGiving ideas for futher development.

Technologies and Tools we use

dotnet core ASP.NET Core Automapper Identity Server JSON.NET ServiceStack

The technologies of .NET stack makes it possible to create effective and reliable server-side apps. Our team has a great pool of opensource libraries and frameworks which allow to implement software of any complexity.

Reactive JavaScript frameworks like ReactJs and VueJs allow our team to develop rich and modern graphical interfaces.

ReactJS VueJS JavaScript jQuery NodeJs
SQL Server Redis RabbitMQ Elasticsearch Mongo Postgresql

Our team has production experience with many databases, message brokers and web-servers. We competently approach the task, choosing the most appropriate technologies for its implementation.

We are developing for Linux and Windows operating systems. The Docker containerization mechanism makes it possible to simplify and speed up the deploying process.

Windows Linux Git SVN Docker